About Us

Inner Wheel Club of Coimbatore Charitable Trust undertake variousprojects and initiatives to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to the welfare of society. These projects cover a wide range of areas, including education, healthcare, environmental conservation, women empowerment and more. Here are some examples of our projects:


Literacy and Education

We often focus on promoting literacy and education by establishing libraries, organizing book drives and providingscholarships or financialassistance to underprivileged students. We also conduct workshops and skill development programs to enhance the educational opportunities for children and adults. Our main emphasisis on identifying children from orphanages and supporting their higher education, aiming to improve their quality of life. Additionally, we offer assistance to financially disadvantaged children by sponsoring uniforms and study materials.


Healthcare Initiatives

We support healthcare initiatives by organizing medical camps, healthcheck-up drives and awareness campaigns on various healthissues. We may collaborate withlocal hospitals and medical professionals to provide free medical services and distribute essential medicines to those in need. We are organizing varioushealth camps, includingfree eye check-upcamps and blood donation camps. Additionally, we offer sponsorships for medical expenses related to cancer treatment, pregnantwomen's delivery charges,artificial limbs for those in need, hearingaids and more.


Construction of Toiles

We are activelyinvolved in constructing toilets in villagesand neglected schoolsin and around Coimbatore. Our main objective is to improve sanitation facilities.


Women Empowerment

We are dedicated to empowering womenand advocating for gender equality. We establish vocational training centers to enhance the skills of women and provide them with economic opportunities. We also support initiatives that address issues such as domestic violence, women's health and legal rights. We organizea range of courses in the slums of Coimbatore, specifically designed to empower underprivileged women. These coursesinclude training in Mehndi art, beautician skills,knitting, stitching and more. We provide both the necessary materials and the fees for the tutors, ensuring that the women can access these valuable educational opportunities and becomeentrepreneur.


Elderly Care

We recognize the importance of caring for the elderly. We organize social gatherings, recreational activities and health check-ups for senior citizens. Additionally, we providecompanionship and supportto the elderly in nursinghomes or other care facilities. We offer support to Old Age Homes by providing essential items such as beddings, solar water heaters, food, medicine and water dispensers. Our primary focus is on installing solar water heaters,as many elderly residents often have to bathe in cold water.By providing this facility, we aim to improve theircomfort and well-being.


These projects, ranging from education and healthcare to sanitation and empowerment, showcase the Inner Wheel Club of Coimbatore Charitable Trust’s commitment. These examples represent just a fractionof the diverse projects undertaken by the organization.